Do you understand the basic message of Jesus Christ? Do you get what he’s really all about? Do you understand what he has in store for your life? Watch “The Gospel in Four Minutes” or read through some of the in information below to learn more.

The Gospel

Gospel is just an old word that means good news. You can get the “good news” if you get these four things:


We’re not talking about science vs. faith, or anything like that. We’re talking about the simple truth that “in the beginning God.” God is the source of all life. The earth is his and everything in it. He’s the make and ruler. As humans we were designed by him for relationships, to do stuff, and to enjoy life.


The fall isn’t about leaves changing colors. The fall refers to two things. One, the representative of humans, Adam, messed up. He broke God’s rules. Now, we have a world with broken relationships, sickness, and sin. Two, we all sin. None of us want God as our authority. We want to rule our own lives. That means we are on opposite sides from God in like, a battle.

Redemption and Reconciliation

The God who made us doesn’t want us to be on opposite sides. He wants us to be on his side, because he wants to love us, fight for us, be kind to us, and shape us for a life of love. So, since we can’t make peace with God, he makes peace with us. He came to earth and took on a human nature. That’s what Jesus is all about. If we put our faith and trust in Jesus, then he makes a trade with us. He takes on our sins and he gives us credit for all the good things he did. Now we can have peace with God.


If our faith is in Jesus, then we’re part of God’s plan to restore all of life. Art, music, technology, relationships, life! God is intensely interested in restoring it, making it new, making us new! This is what the Bible says when it talks about “living by faith.”

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